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Growing Up

Born and raised in the Swiss Mountain by Italian parents, Fabrizio was always driven by curiosity and eagerness for discovery! As a son of Italian immigrants he learned something important very early in life: Nobody owes you anything and, you have to work really hard for what you want.


Family First

Your family is what you're born into, and family is what will be there when you are done on this planet. Almost everything else in life comes and goes. Fabrizio knows that the support from his family has, and will always be there. Even today, that's one of his rule: Family First!

Change of Path

Fabrizio completed a commercial apprenticeship, obtained the vocational baccalaureate and was well on his way to studying business at a university of applied sciences. Fate, however, had a different plan for him. " The deciding factor was that I wanted to complete the degree while working, but my boss didn't agree. So I thought, 'Then I'll just quit and completely reorient myself'. " He then gave his curiosity free rein. That's how he finally stumbled upon acting. "I took classes and applied to a drama school in Zurich." To his surprise, he says, the feedback has been very good. "They told me that talent was there, and I was like, 'for real now?"


"They told me that there was some talent to work with,

and I was like, 'for real now?"


Early Days

After acting school in Zurich, he wanted to make his start as an actor outside Switzerland. " I think I have to go to Hollywood. Because Hollywood is Hollywood and I’ve never been there and wanted to see how my career will develop there. ” He then spoke on the phone with a colleague who lived in New York. On her advice, Daniele applied for an acting school in Los Angeles. This was the only sensible way to live there and work on his skills without constantly seeking a visa."


In July 2020 Fabrizio and a few of his closest friends started their own company: Momus Media!

Today, the trilingual storyteller travels consistently between Europe and the US to work as an actor, to produce or direct movies, or to address and inspire people to follow their dreams and intuitions. 

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